Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revoltech first unit

assalamualaikum wbt and salam sejahtera
Revoltech has came with one new robot and sesiapa berminat sila bgtau..

RM 240 (include postage)

Commercialization reproduce the body color! Add new shape parts at the speed of the shock awakening the first unit, has changed. Newbuildings in the play faithfully to the design of the forearm and upper arm to the first unit of the image completely different! Head when awakening, has been disconnected, and regeneration. Also comes with the normal arm, you can enjoy as the first unit of a different color
Height: 140m .
moving place: all 21 locations
■ Number of joint use: all 10 (10mm joint × 1,8 mm × 6,8 mmW joint joint joint × 1 + × 2,6 mmW joint list)
Material: PVC / ABS
Accessories: Optional head × 1, option arm × 2, pallet rifle × 1, effect parts A × 1, effect parts B × 1, umbilical cable × 1, options hand × 14, × 1 + display-based parts-based extension
Made in China
[[Eva] Evangelion New Theatrical Version awakening version [: fracture] shop NTV Edition /]

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